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New York Yankees will no Longer Control their Fans

MLB Betting News at BSNblogThe New York Yankees will no longer control their fans while sounding patriotic anthem God bless America to end the demand for an amateur who was expelled from the premises for wanting to use the bathroom at that time.

The Civil Liberties Union of New York announced yesterday that the team reached an agreement with the cease exercising strict control over the fans during the intonation of this anthem, played since the terrorist attacks of 2001 before every game.

"This agreement ensures that the new stadium the Yankees will be a place for baseball and not to impose a patriotism," said the driver of demand.

The New Yorker Bradford Campeau-Laurion, 30, sued the mules after two police officers drove him from the field while trying to go to the bathroom at the moment when the anthem was sung patriotic on August 26, 2008.

Apparently, both the New York Police and security hired by the Yankees had orders to prevent at all costs to move the fans from their seats during the performance.

In addition, Campeau-Laurion also charged against the city of New York, to be compensated with $ 10,000.

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